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    Post by davidlt89 on Fri May 02, 2014 8:18 pm

    Found this forum online trying to find a trapping forum to join. Looked like this one could use another member so I decided to join. I spend most of my time, and moderate, on another forum call the "thehunterslife.com". It is a great place and I did get admin to put in a trapping forum but I am pretty much the only one thats actively traps. However, there are some old "retired" trappers there but it is mostly hunting, reloading, etc....

    so, now you know how I got here, I will give you a little bit about myself. My name is David and I am up here in northern maine. It is essentially a "trappers paradise" with not many trappers!!! When I took my trappers course up here I initially did to get an extra bear since the state of maine was allowing us to shoot one and trap another one in the same season. I took my course shortly after having shot a bear and then trapped one shortly after taking the course. I had a friend in alaska that wanted the pelt and I have a friend that had been trapping about 25 years flesh it out. while he was fleshing he started talking about trapping "other animals" and gave me a few 330's to set for beaver.

    I had a friend who took the course with me and he had a couple ponds his property and told me to have at it. since it was the middle of february I made a couple holes to start and set two traps. after getting my first two beaver, I was hooked, the "fever" had set in. once the ice was gone in april, I was really able to put a hurting on the beaver!!! also picked up some otter. Beaver are like pests up in these parts so it is not to hard to find ponds to set on!!!

    the next year my friend got me into muskrat, fisher, and marten. I also wanted to catch one coyote since they are hard up here. were are restricted to a trap no bigger than 5 3/8" due to the canadian lynx we have up here!!! I did indeed manage to get one and I stopped after that. was not much for "everyday" checks and just did not have the time.

    I have only been trapping a little over a year, this was my first full season up here. I have caught everything we have except for fisher, marten, and a fox!!!! it was a poor year for marten and fisher last year but this coming season is supposed to be "the good cycle", so hopefully I can close the door on those 3. My ambition was to keep at least one fur from each animal for the wall and only those 3 remain.

    I send all my furs to NAFA and so far, prices have not been to bad. Beaver were "iffy" in the last auction but the ones that sold got "good" prices. Hoping for a turnaround on the beaver in the auction this month.

    this seemed like a pretty "friendly" forum with guys sharing ideas and such so I am hoping to "fit in".
    We don't allow any "negative" stuff on the hunters life and this seems to be run the same way so that seemed good.

    Like I said, I am a new trapper, so looking to learn from some of you more experienced guys and see and share pictures and stories!!! God Bless.

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